BOOMERANG IT! — 1,000,000 “ACTS OF…..”


The JNP Community is making a difference…





YOU HAVE THE POWER TO “HAND DELIVER” A SIMPLE “ACT OF….” — Doing something good: a simple thing; a surprising thing; whatever. Nothing builds self-esteem better than giving your time and effort to help others, also known as paying it forward.

The point is that you make the time in your schedule each day, each week, and month, to flex that caring-muscle. These are things you can do along with your children and others. It won’t just build your children’s self-esteem, but will build yours as well! In the end, every single good -act comes back to you, and the good of children, all 10-fold!!

MAKE YOUR OWN BOOMERANG and get into the act! Click here and download our easy cut-out template if you don’t have a JNP Boomerang.

IT’S AS EASY AS 1 – 2 – 3 !
1. Do a “Good Act Of…”
2. Hand off “this” Boomerang to the person you did something good for… Give them the power to do the same to the next person… Keep it going!
3. Tell us “your” story on The JNP website— ( You will be inspiring others to bring awareness to self-esteem in all children!

Our goal is to reach 1,000,000 “Acts of ……….”
A boomerang act is one of the ten core values supported in each of the Jane & Jake’s Adventures book series. These include: TRUTH, KINDNESS, HARMONY, FORGIVENESS, GIVING, LOVE, DETERMINATION, COMPASSION, STRENGTH, CHARACTER = everything that makes up YOU!

Choose “YOUR ACT OF……….” and make a positive difference by going out and paying it forward! After you send out your boomerang act, please tell us something about what you, your child, a friend, a student, or even a relative did—a wonderful Act Of that inspired you in turn to do something nice–pass on the power to empower a child—share it with the JNP community and watch what happens!


TELL US about what POSITIVE ACT you did!


See all the listings of the wonderful ACTS boomeranging!


THE CHALLENGE OF 1,000,000 ACTS; and counting…

01-blue    Acts Of TRUTH

02-pink    Acts of KINDNESS 

03-green    Acts of HARMONY 

04-white    Acts of FORGIVENESS 

05-yellow    Acts of GIVING 

06-red    Acts of LOVE 

07-silver    Acts of DETERMINATION 

08-purple    Acts of COMPASSION 

09-orange    Acts of STRENGTH 

10-blackBoomerang-ORANGE    Acts of CHARACTER–
I am ME!


Nothing builds self-esteem better than giving your time and effort to help others, also known as paying it forward. The point is just that you make time in your schedule each day, each week, each month, to flex that kindness muscle. These are things you can do along with your children. It won’t just build their self-esteem, but build yours as well! Plus, these are activities you can do together. Spending time with children and interacting with them, working together to accomplish a task, makes their sense of self-worth soar!

1. Give hugs: Let’s start with the easiest and most important act of kindness there is! Show affection to others, and encourage your kids to do the same thing. For the next week, make sure that you give your child a hug twice a day, and encourage your boy or girl to hug a friend each day. Before you know it, everyone will be feeling the love!

2. Help a neighbor: Everyone knows someone in his or her neighborhood who is elderly, sick, or has a disability. Engage your child in helping that person by offering to help bring in groceries, rake leaves, retrieve garbage cans from the curb or sweep front steps. Be sure to bring one rake for yourself and another for your son or daughter. Helping out gives everyone a sense of accomplishment and responsibility.

3. Donate food: Start a collection box in your house for your children to place items in for the local food bank. They can learn the rules for what a facility accepts, and also learn that there are people who don’t have the same benefits they do in life. Let your children choose which items to donate, and bring them with you to drop off the donations at designated sites. Children are never too young to learn the benefits of charity and experience the feeling of making the world a better place.

4. Make a present for friends: Put together something for your child to bring to his or her daycare,  sports team, cub scout meeting, or maybe a community meeting or senior citizens home. Make this a project where you can work together to make cupcakes, or decorations for a holiday, or popsicles on a hot day.

5. Give a toy away: This is a great exercise that teaches your child to let go of something and sacrifice for others. It’s not easy to give away a toy, but doing so can feel good when your child learns to empathize with another child who doesn’t have toys. Be patient; some young kids don’t understand and may lose their temper because they think every toy is forever. They haven’t quite learned to share yet.  But don’t give up, the lesson is worth the struggle.♦