You are invited to become part of the JNP Awesome Donor Partnership GROWTH Campaign!

The JNP Project is a start-up business, and we are in the beginning stages of growing this global brand.

After launching the first three books in our new children’s book series, and developing all the wonderful amenity tool-box book tie-in products and Boomerang It! Challenge, we’re excited about what’s coming next! Our business plan focuses on continuing to develop products to empower kids’ inner awesome, co-brand with corporate sponsors, and connect with customers across the US and around the globe.

To date, the initial product development costs of $250,000+ have been privately funded. Now in our Growth Campaign phase of The JNP Project’s development, we are eager to have you join us on our journey as a JNP Awesome Donating Partner ~ Doing GOOD for kids as we help strengthen their inner awesome (healthy self-esteem) by offering products and services that nurture their character, courage, and confidence;

To become a JNP Awesome Donor Partner, you may donate in one of two easy ways:

1. ON-LINE FORM: Please fill in the form below, and add in the amount of your donation gift and “submit.”

2. CHECK: Please send your check (either personal, business or cashier’s) made out to: The World of Jane NOT Plain, LLC, and mail it to 3 Church Circle, Annapolis, MD 21401.

Thank you! Your donation to The JNP Project will make a positive difference in the lives of countless children (and the adults who love them) around the world.

IMPORTANT NOTATION regarding 501(c)3 charity donations: We have the ability for you to either donate and purchase products directly to The JNP Project, or donate through our non-profit alliance Just Help Kids (JHK). Click here for details. Please consult your tax preparer for the specific rules on your gifting tax deduction.


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