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“When I read “Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome Truth” to my 7 year old little brother (who doesn’t sit still), he actually paid attention to Jane & Jake’s Adventures.  He was able to tell me the events when we were done and said that he has to tell the truth to be a good friend. 

I really like the illustrations of Jane and Jake and can relate to a lot of the things they are dealing with as a young teen.”
 Eddie (13 years old), 8th Grade, Rockville, MD.

“My seven year old son was captivated with Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome.  He talks about his inner power to be good – a wonderful surprise from a little guy who has seen the inside of a principal’s office more than once.”
DeeDee, Washington, D.C.

As my daughter said, “Mommy, I want this cute fishy to teach me more!” ?
Meredith Spidel’s 3.5 yr old daughter, Professional Blogger: Mom of the Year

“Full of beautiful, engaging illustrations and serves as an educational and empowering book for kids and young adults!

This series is AMAZING! All three of my kids (1 boy/2 girls) love to read the stories over and over! I am getting the Parent Activity kit from the website which supports this book’s theme of KINDNESS! My kids are already excited that they have earned their PINK KINDNESS PEARL OF POWER! Thanks JNP for creating this incredible tool to empower my children!

This PREQUEL book is an AMAZING learning tool! Love how my kids can dig into this series together and learn so many value lessons, not to mention all the learning resources that go with them!
TRUTH is a value we work so hard to instill in our children & this book is a fabulous resource for helping us to make it happen in our home!”
I value KINDNESS so highly and am thankful to this book series for the tools to help me teach and instill this in my children! Kindness matters!


I am a middle school teacher who also organizes a group to promote self-advocacy and confidence in young girls. I use these books to support the girls in learning about themselves and discussing their points of view and experiences. The girls positively respond to the stories, characters, and artwork, and they are so excited for the next book in the series. Thanks to The JNP Project for helping these girls discover their inner awesome and share it with the world.”
Megan Zimmerman, AMAZON REVIEW

Great illustrations and content easy to read and gives children a wealth of understanding for their feelings as well as others.”

What an inspired series! Books which gently guide children to discover their “inner awesome” should be in every child’s library. The care and thought behind this imaginative series is top-notch.

Beautiful stories, great illustrations. Educational. Thank you!

Our grandson was excited to receive Jane and Jake’s Adventures to Awesome in his Easter Basket! He is struggling with reading in school but dove right in to the stories. Funny how they read better when they like what they are reading!
Hoping to take him by headquarters to meet Jane and Jake personally!

Susan Wheatley, AMAZON REVIEW

I was looking for a book that was well-written, beautifully illustrated, and that emphasized good character traits, so I bought this book on Kindness for my granddaughters ages 9 and 4, on advice from a friend. I was not disappointed!. My oldest granddaughter read the story to the younger one, and both of them thoroughly loved the adventures of Jane and Jake. There is a whole series of Jane & Jake’s Adventures and I intend to purchase all of them.”

Love this series, and that’s the Awesome Truth! I loved this educational, yet delightful, approach to learning. The storyline is clever and easy to understand, and the illustrations are attention-getting and pleasant to look at.
Maven Elliekins, AMAZON REVIEW

Great book to help children develop a healthy sense of who they are!  Learning to build on the confidence we ALL have inside is so important, particularly at a young age. What a great book to help children develop a healthy sense of themselves.
Carleen Marburger, AMAZON REVIEW

I can honestly say I have never seen a book series like Jane and Jake’s Adventures to Awesome  As a 25-year education veteran, I can honestly say I have never seen a book series like Jane and Jake’s Adventures to Awesome. Not only does the book engage young readers with exquisite illustrations, but older readers will be drawn in by the rich use of imagery and text throughout the story.

The story is based on the adventures of two main characters, Jane and Jake. Jane and Jake are typical, 4th grade kids, trying to learn how to fit in at school while discovering their inner strengths and talents. The story is supported by an abundance of undersea characters, all delightfully illustrated and each with their own unique personality. Children of all ages will identify with the characters and the gifts each has to offer.

What I really love about the story is the underlying message of what the book calls your “inner awesome.” The book emphasizes that each of us is special and unique with incredible potential for being awesome; we just need to know where to look for it. The story is written in a manner that naturally leads to golden opportunities for further dialogue with your child (or students) to help him/her discover how truly special each of us are. In my opinion, this book should be on EVERY bookshelf in homes and school/public libraries. Grab a copy and begin the journey of helping your child build their confidence and self-esteem.”

But older kids will love the colors and illustrations as well as the lessons …  Empowering children is important to me. This book has many helpful ways to do this. I have a 3 year old and she is too young for this book. But older kids will love the colors and illustrations as well as the lessons learned. There are many layers to this book and that is great.
Lisa Ruscyczk Ed.D. Author, AMAZON REVIEW

Kindness is something we could all use a little more of. With this cleverly designed series, children learn kindness by enjoying and relating to the examples in the book. It’s a great way for kids to learn because they “get it” themselves without needing it to be lectured at them.”

“Yes, I would recommend this book. It was good because I liked the Pearls of Power.” 

A mom sent in her child’s Book Report to share with JNP — her daughter picked J&J’s Prequel Story specifically to do her school report-Just look at how cute this report is, click here to view.
1st Grade Student, Maryland Public School

“I love the positive messages in these stories. Self-Esteem is so important and unfortunately so many children have such low self-esteem.  As someone who has worked in the fields of child abuse prevention and domestic violence awareness, I highly recommend this series of books.  I read the introductory Prequel book: The Jane & Jake’s Adventure to Awesome: The Journey Begins and was very impressed with the story line, messages and illustrations. I recommend to parents, children, teachers and they would be great for counselors and therapists.”
Denise B., Mother and SoCal City Kids Blogger, Southern California

GREAT for Teachers and Parents Alike!  Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome is a wonderful book series that will encourage discussion regarding self image and self esteem. In the prequel story, The Journey Begins, the reader will learn the importance of being true to oneself and finding his or her inner awesome. Every teacher should have a copy in their classroom, and every parent should read it to their child, young and old. I LOVED the illustrations — they are colorful and clearly depict the personality of each quirky character. I’m eager to accompany Jane and Jake as they begin their next adventure in the series.
Carleen Marburger, AMAZON REVIEW

“I enjoyed reading Book 3– Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome Harmony. I think this one has especially positive tips for kids about how to handle conflict. The bickering siblings and their sense of being treated unfairly, is something so many kids, and even adults, can relate to. I am sure my kids will enjoy this one.

The artwork is amazing! I especially enjoyed the expressions of emotion in this one and the gestures of the Mer-Twins.

However, I think Book 3 will be a bigger hit with older kids because the game (The Harmony Game in this case) seems more tricky and less easy to conclude or demonstrate.

 The series as a whole has so much going for it. As a mom, I really like the topics it addresses and the positive way these virtues are presented to young readers. I like the emotional intelligence it promotes, and I also don’t see anything else like it out there. The topics, feelings, and moral are weighty without being frightening or judgmental. I like how the situations are mostly situations that most kids can relate to. 

The artwork is stunning and I think it will help to attract young readers. Another wonderful work.”
Mother of 6 year old boy/girl twins, Severna Park, MD

This IS an actual eight-year-old’s comments about the Prequel Book–he was NOT prompted–he read the printed version and asked his Aunt to send this to me:”I found it very helpful and inspiring.  I found that the books were powerful role models for me. I learned about the under-water world of Awesome. I feel like the characters can relate to a lot of people.  I highly recommend JNP!”
Fabian, Age 8, Annapolis, MD

“My children (twins) received a copy of Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome, The Journey Begins,  prequel book as a holiday gift. My six year old daughter was delighted! She can read chapter books, but asked me to read this to her right away. She was excited to hold a copy of a book she’d seen on the computer screen! When I read the book to both of my children, we were able to talk about the different character strengths and it was just wonderful! My daughter was captivated by the colorful pearls and how each one represents a positive trait. She was also able to sympathize with Jane and her feelings in the story. She likes the book so much, that she keeps it by her bedside and asks me to read it to her each evening as her bedtime story. My son, a non-reader, was drawn in initially by the artwork and then listened attentively. The book, and Jane’s journey, appeals to a broad range of kids and abilities. THANKS!!”
Karen McLaughlin, Parent, Annapolis, MD

“Thank you for letting me preview some of the stories.  I will definitely be recommending these stories to parents as a valuable tool for deepening parent-child communication and giving children tools to think in positive ways about themselves.  I recently shared the stories with a young boy with great results.  As we were reading, he was able to reflect on the ideas conveyed in the stories and apply them to his own life.  

After ‘earning his Pearl of Truth’ for example, he told me something that he had done that he had previously not been willing to talk about. After he confided in me, I praised him for his Truthfulness and we did a high five. This shows that the book enabled this child to own a personal story that he had felt bad about, from a new position of strength.  As the adult, it was great to be able to enjoy a good read together and allow the story itself to teach an important lesson about character.  Kids, like adults, don’t like being told what to do but when they figure it out for themselves then they do the right thing of their own volition.  

The Kindness story had a similar impact.  The fictional material opened the door to conversations about real people in the boy’s life in a way that was not threatening and created more understanding. 

By reading Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome stories, the child develops a relationship with the characters and they become powerful role-models in that child’s mind and life.These thought-provoking stories will give a new generation of children the inner resources they need to feel good about themselves and compassionate toward others. You could say that the JNP is transforming lives one story at a time. As someone whose life mission is to empower parents to bring out the best in their children, I can’t recommend these books highly enough!”
Biteena Frazier, Parenting Specialist, Annapolis, MD

“Your work is honorable and encouraging. You’re changing lives that aren’t even born yet, and that brings me peace on many levels. Giving the gift and/or permission to gain confidence is key to living authentically. Knowing others may not have the same difficult road I did gives me hope for our future generations. Thank you for that.”
Geri Fino, Parent, Annapolis, MD

“After reading the Prequel Story, I wanted to read more. After reading Books1: Truth, and Book 2: Kindness, I could just imagine parents reading to children (younger children as well as older children). They would definitely understand the vocabulary as well as the enjoyment and thrill of Jane & Jake’s adventures —well done; you [The JNP Team] are all saints for creating such a wonderful brand!”
Marianne Sachs, Child Psychotherapist, Annapolis, MD