JNP_TWOJNP_JJ_Adventures-v1-RGBA self-esteem discovery series for every girl and boy!

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 12.12.13 PMLet’s have fun learning about the confidence we have inside… our colorful INNER AWESOME! Jane & Jake help us discover it. Our INNER AWESOME is positively empowering!


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To Our Readers: Although you can read the books in Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome series in any order, we strongly recommend that you first read the Prequel story, THE JOURNEY BEGINS. Here you will meet the main characters: nine-year-old Jane, her new school friend Jake, her talking (and smart!) pet goldfish, Oracle, who magically whisks Jane and Jake away to the Undersea World of Awesome; and the residents of Awesome, including the wise and ancient (three-hundred years, eight months, and fifty-seven days, to be exact) Jaunty Mr. Sea Turtle, a crab named Monte the Magnificent, and the royal Mer-Twins, Princess Allegro and Prince Andante. Welcome to Jane & Jake’s Adventures… the place to discover your Inner Awesome. It is positively empowering!


ICON-booksBK0_JNP_COVER_MASTER-Prequel-FINALJane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome: The Journey Begins
Jane is glad that Oracle—her smart, talking pet goldfish—is her best friend. But when it comes to having a human friend at school, Jane feels mostly invisible. She’d like to become friends with Jake, a joke-telling boy in her class, but she feels too embarrassed to even talk with him. When Jake kindly finds and returns Jane’s special “purples bracelet” to her, Oracle decides to take magical action. He leaps out of his fishbowl and whooshes Jane and Jake to the fantastic Undersea World of Awesome where they are introduced to their super-power glowing gifts—their inner awesome!

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01-blueScreen Shot 2014-10-18 at 10.29.09 AMJane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome Truth
Nine-year-old Jane is thrilled. At last she has a real friend at school, Jake. However, when she hears Jake lie—twice!—about her to a boy in their class, she is angry and hurt. Not even Jake’s gift of a prism makes her feel better or want to forgive him. That’s when Oracle, Jane’s talking goldfish and her best friend, whisks both Jane and Jake to the Undersea World of Awesome to become contestants in the To Tell the Awesome Truth game. Will they win the Blue Pearls of Awesome Truth? only if Jane and Jake work together — and discover that they are, after all, True-Blue Friends.

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02-pinkJNP_COVER_MASTER-COMP-Kindness-FRONTJane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome Kindness
Jane is furious. First, her art smock is deliberately splotched with pink paint. Then someone pours liquid on her beautiful painting that she is making for the school art fair. Jane suspects that Mia—an older, fifth-grade girl—and Mia’s friends are the culprits. Then, when Mia says horrible, stinging words about the gift Jane’s mom sent to Jane, Oracle whisks Jane and Jake to Awesome, where they discover the challenge that awaits them. To earn their Pink Pearls of Awesome Kindness they must find and return important items lost by their sea creature friends—including the special stinger of Jell-ee-o, a tiny sea jelly. But…how can Jane and Jake return a jellyfish’s stinger without getting hurt?

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03-greenJNP_COVER_MASTER-COMP-Harmony-v3Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome Harmony
Jane’s little brother, Mitch, a seven-year-old violin prodigy, is a spoiled brat—at least that’s what Jane believes. Why else would he get away with shredding her homework and dumping it into Oracle’s fish bowl while she is scolded for yelling at Mitch? Time for Oracle to whisk Jane and Jake to Awesome, where they find that the squabbling MerTwins, Princess Allegro and Prince Andante, will be their partners to play The Harmony Game. How can the two teams—Jane and Andante, Jake and Allegro—figure out which words and “body messages” will make the mood-coral glow “harmony green” so J&J (Jane and Jake) can earn their Green Pearls of Awesome Harmony?

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04-whiteJane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome ForgivenessJNP-Coming-Soon-Book-Icon
Jane is so excited! Her mom—an American orchestra conductor on tour in Mexico—is coming home to attend Jane’s academic achievement awards ceremony at school (and hopefully see Jane win an award). Then awful things begin to happen: Jake’s dog poops in the lobby of the apartment building where Jane lives (and Jake doesn’t even apologize!); her best white shirt is dyed bubble gum pink in the laundry, and worst of all, Mom doesn’t come home on the day Jane’s mom promised. Whisked away to Awesome, new friends—including Argo, the nautilus; Una, the sea cucumber; and Jimmy, the blobfish—await Jane and Jake to help them travel the challenging five chambers of the Labyrinth of Forgiveness. Will Jane and Jake choose to take the Five Steps of Forgiveness to earn their White Pearls of Awesome Forgiveness?

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05-yellowJane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome GivingJNP-Coming-Soon-Book-Icon 
Jane feels uneasy. First, Oracle is not feeling well, and the water in his fishbowl looks and smells a little “off.” Next, at school Jane and Jake hear from their video pen pals that Applesaucia’s well water has become undrinkable. Then they learn that the river that flows right by their own city, AuraCity, is so dirty that the river’s fish are getting sick. Jane and Jake want to help solve such problems, but how? Then Jane has a brilliant idea: how about starting a school club so kids can work together to help clean the river and raise money for a new well in Applesaucia! But why is her awesome idea being taken over by fifth-grader Mia? Whisked away to Awesome with Oracle, Jane and Jake discover a new problem that urgently needs an Awesome Pollution Solution—which can only be found if all the sea creatures agree to contribute their unique gifts. Can Jane and Jake persuade the uncooperative Murky Moray Eel to give his special talent? If Murky refuses, how will they earn their Gold Pearls of Awesome Giving?

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06-redJane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome LoveJNP-Coming-Soon-Book-Icon
Jane misses her mom—a lot. Sure, she’s proud that her mom is an orchestra conductor who travels the world. But sometimes she wishes her mom worked closer to home in AuraCity. Luckily, she has Oracle, her pet goldfish, who always seems to understand what Jane’s feeling—even when she doesn’t know how to talk about it. For instance, this new girl, Camden, who just joined Jane and Jake’s class: Why are some kids going out of their way to be nice to this girl who glares at everyone? Even Jake defended Camden! That’s when Oracle whisks Jane and Jake to Awesome, this time to Friendship Garden, where a small flowering plant named Flora—who has a big, bad attitude—is making an awful mess by constantly flinging all her petals to the ground. How will Jane and Jake earn their Red Pearls of Awesome Love if they can’t correctly identify the eleven friendship qualities and actions that fit on Flora’s petals? What if they can’t figure out how to restore Flora’s petals before the Special Party to Celebrate New Friends is supposed to begin?

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07-silverJane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome DeterminationJNP-Coming-Soon-Book-Icon


08-purpleJane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome CompassionJNP-Coming-Soon-Book-Icon


09-orangeJane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome StrengthJNP-Coming-Soon-Book-Icon


10-blackJane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome CharacterJNP-Coming-Soon-Book-Icon
Jane and Jake experience a new challenge to earn their Black Pearl of Awesome Power. Given the clue that the color black contains all other colors (such as blue, pink, green, white, gold, red, silver, purple, and orange), they travel to the Undersea World of Awesome where their favorite sea-creature friends help them answer: What is The Big Secret? and Why are all their previous adventures—in truth, kindness, harmony, forgiveness, giving, love, determination, compassion, and strength—clustered inside the huge, iridescent Awesome Totem of Character?

I understand what my Inner-Awesome really is—my character = my self-worth = my self-confidence = my self-esteem = I am “ME!” Empowered.

JNP_CircleOFpower-Superpowers-v3-TYPEfontsTHE BIG SECRET: The Best Prize in the end…

Through Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome, Jane & Jake “earn” each of their Pearls of Power—learning about their individual Inner-Awesome.

As your children read and learn along with Jane & Jake, they too will win each of their own Pearls of Power—and when all ten pearls have been collected, that will complete their very own Circles of Power which will live within their hearts. It is their own understanding of self-confidence and self-esteem!

The J&J series teaches your kids:

The World Needs You!  Own It.
I Am. I Can. I Will… become Empowered!