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Not a CIA Member Yet, Kids?


JNP_CIA-BADGE-single-TMYour JNP Kids’ CIA (CLUB INNER AWESOME™) Membership entitles you to:

 CIA: Kids’ Club Inner Awesome Membership Become an Empowerment Agent in the JNP CIA (Club Inner Awesome™)
New Monthly Downloads of fun, self-empowering things to do such as: coloring and activity pages, puzzles, Jake’s Joke Book pages, interactive art and writing, and more!
 Correspond directly with Jane & Jake! Ask them about their Adventures, and tell them about yours too!

Have fun being a JNP CIA Member, and get INNER-AWESOME empowered for only $2.99 per month!

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A few example interactive activities you get as a CIA Empowerment Agent™:

New Download Activities: Each month, fun new activities will be available to you such as: Jake’s Joke Book, character coloring pages, puzzles, Oracle’s Alphabet, word unscrambles, mazes, character/name matching, paint-by-number pages, spell-a-word mazes, connect the dots, spot the differences, how-to-draw pages, and compose your own writings and music…and much more!

Below are just a few examples of the fun monthly activities:


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Here is an example of writing to Jane and Jake––and their response: 

 Correspond directly with Jane & Jake!: Your CIA Empowerment Agent™ membership entitles you to communicate directly with Jane and Jake–and they respond to you, personally!  🙂

Below is an example of a letter to Jane and Jake sent by a JNP CIA Empowerment Agent.™ Read how they responded.