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JNP-Seals-Approval-PARENT-BlueJNP: The World of Jane NOT Plain, (The JNP Project™) is a self-esteem discovery force helping children (and parents) discover their inner-awesome superpowerscharacter, courage, and confidence (healthy self-esteem) through an adventure book series and supportive character education products and toolsPARENT ACTIVITY GUIDES. Our leading product line is our adventure book series Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome featuring adventures in: Friendship, Truth, Kindness, Harmony, Forgiveness, Giving, Love, Determination, Compassion, Strength, and Character (I Am ME!)

momsonReading_129057782JNP’s character education products are for parents, and caring adults–your toolbox for kids’ healthy self-esteem tools! The World of Jane NOT Plain™ (JNP) recognizes that bright, young minds deserve experiences that build confidence and tools that stimulate strong self-esteem and personal empowerment.

Our products deliver a host of experiences and suggestions for parents–full details on statistics, data, and information is on our sister-website:

Written and developed by our team of professional educators,* our Parent Activity Guides correspond to Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome (each Parent Kit specifically developed in alignment for each book), the JNP discovery series that builds self-esteem and confidence, especially in girls and boys ages 5 – 12.

JNP_ICON-RESOURCE-KITS-TransparentJNP PARENT ACTIVITY GUIDES have been created  by our educational experts. Led by our NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing) specialist and kids’ coach, these educators have created content that will engage your child and assist you in exploring your child’s inner awesome. 

JNP_LESSON-RESOURCE-COVERS10In each parent kit you will find fun activities that your children can learn from and enjoy. Activities may be practical, such as; arts and crafts, baking, gardening, role playing and singing; or, they might be more educational, taking an aspect of the story and teaching your child something new and exciting about it through the prism of geography, natural science, history, math or English.

Detailed content, outlined lessons, suggested activities, suggested solutions to issues, suggested approaches to communicate with children, Q&A outlines to discuss with your child, and more are included in each kit, and each kit is age appropriate. Together, you and your child will have so much fun discovering all about who “Me!” is—finding our inner awesome is positively empowering!

There are also guided discussions in the parent kit to enable you to explore with your child how the book’s theme has touched him or her, whether it has brought issues to the surface that she or he would like to talk about. Or the discussion guide may give you the opportunity to help your child with an issue you want to explore with them. There are tips and techniques based on NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) that will help your child develop confidence in every area of her or his life. Together, you and your child will learn about the confidence we all carry inside us… our INNER AWESOME!

Each JNP PARENT ACTIVITY GUIDE KIT Table of Contents includes:

  J&J Adventure Book Summary
  Learning Connection: Vocabulary
Learning Connection: Math
Learning Connection: Science
 Learning Connection: Social Studies
Learning Connection: Drama
Learning Connection: Art
 Learning Connection: Music

  Learning Connection: Physical Activity
  Extension Activities
  Parent Tips
  Open-Ended Questions
  Additional Resources: To Learn More
  Empowerment Badge: Personal Reward
  Supporting Research

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It’s so much fun discovering all about who “Me!” is—finding our inner awesome is positively empowering!

In a nutshell, all the positive win-win features of Jane & Jake’s  Adventures to Awesome—please, read more…

The Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome Series Books Synopses


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