I want to share an amazing story that has moved me in such a way, that I am so absolutely positive about JNP’s mission/tools, I am certain that we are changing the lives of kids positively… for the rest of their lives!

Girls Breaking Boundaries has benefited greatly from The JNP Project. Just one year ago, the girls of Girls Breaking Boundaries were shy, soft-spoken girls. Those girls are now speaking up and speaking out, and, undoubtedly, Dona and the JNP Project has been pivotal in this growth. The girls look forward to Dona’s visits, as she is a positive force in shaping who they are becoming. She shares the themes of truth and kindness though The JNP books, guiding the girls to develop a strong sense of self. And with new Girls Breaking Boundaries members this year, I am excited to see their growth with Dona’s support and proud that current members will mentor the new ones.

Megan Zimmerman, M.A.
Grade 7 Language Arts Teacher, Bates Middle School

Image-1OCTOBER IS BULLYING AWARENESS MONTH — GIRLS BREAKING BOUNDARIES at Bates Middle School in Annapolis are learning how to discover their own inner-awesome superpowers! — And, that promotes NO MORE BULLYING!

The JNP Project (Jane NOT Plain) has visited the after-school program, Girls Breaking Boundaries, at Bates school several times, and then the group took a field trip to the JNP Inner Awesome Factory in downtown Annapolis (last school year). This year, I was asked to be the first speaker back to kick-off the 2015 school year to empower the group! I was so proud to do so.Schoolhouse

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 5.28.43 PMAs October is National Bullying Prevention Month, I focused on KINDNESS and asked the girls what would Jane and Jake do if they were involved in a bullying incident. (Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome Kindness) My primary question was to have them understand I AM. I CAN. I WILL. EMPOWERED.™ and how their personal empowerment would give them courage.

We read stories and talk about Jane and Jake’s adventures — but, “how do I discover my inner awesome?,” is what they asked. With much discussion, I asked them, “I AM —what?–tell me about ‘who’ YOU are, as a person, as a friend, as a daughter, sister, etc.” They still, were not sure. I described myself: I am confident. I am creative. I am giving. Now, I began to get answers. Good ones. Smiles and intrigue.

Next, I asked, “if I AM (fill in the blank), then I CAN what?” For example, if I am kind, I can be kind. I understand kindness and yes, I can be kind. But, WILL I be kind? or will I NOT be kind? THAT is the EMPOWERMENT Jane and Jake are learning about from Oracle!

I explained how each of them are empowered by their choices to choose I WILL or I WILL NOT.

It was AMAZING how the girls hung onto every single word. They got it! They were discovering their own inner-awesome superpowers.

The teacher called the end of the meeting and the girls were all excited as we discussed me coming back in a few weeks. One of the kids who knew me from last year, came up to me to say bye, and she HUGGED ME SO TIGHT, I THOUGH I WAS GOING TO BREAK.

After the student left, the teacher excitedly ran over. “Do you have any idea what this means?,” she said. She explained that two years ago, this girl in 6th grade was heading down the wrong path. Lying to her mother and the principal, and cutting school, to name a few. She was introverted and would never speak or react to teachers. For her to hug me, and let me see her thankfulness and understanding of JNP’s mission, was amazing — I was blown away, and left with great emotions as my eyes filled up.

I was making a positive difference in their lives with the JNP stories and activities! I am motivated to continue and move forward to help as many kids as we can, to reach, to know, and to understand: I AM. I CAN. I WILL. EMPOWERED. ™

The world needs each of us. Let’s teach that.

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