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The JNP Project™ emphasizes building healthy self-esteem—nurturing character, courage, and confidence— while making learning fun and entertaining.


Discovering children’s particular talents(s) is an important aspect of helping them feel worthwhile. Recognizing a child’s talent(s) fits in with Howard Gardner’s pivotal theory of multiple intelligences. He identified eight intelligences:

•  Linguistic intelligence (“word smart”)

•  Logical-mathematical intelligence (“number/reasoning smart”)

•  Spatial intelligence (“picture smart”)

•  Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence (“body smart”)

•  Musical intelligence (“music smart”)

•  Interpersonal intelligence (“people smart”)

•  Intrapersonal intelligence (“self smart”)

•  Naturalist intelligence (“nature smart”)

All of these “smarts” are highlighted in particular stories in the JNP Adventure Series. On their journeys, Jane & Jake discover their intelligence and acquire a healthy self-confidence. Jane realizes she is NOT plain as she discovers the pleasure of doing what she loves — Jake too!

The JNP Adventures focus on specific traits and attitudes:

For example:

I AM: truthful, kind, friendly, caring, peaceful, calm, forgiving, generous, loving, determined, compassionate, helpful, athletic, accepting, a leader… I AM EMPOWERED!

I CAN / I WILL: tell the truth, be honest, be a friend, be friendly, calmly approach difficult situations, not hold a grudge… I WILL BE EMPOWERED!.. I WILL BE “ME” ! ! !

The series invites young readers to insert themselves into the adventures, becoming one of the characters or inventing a new character if they want to.

Jane becomes a mermaid. What do you want to become? Jake loves science. Do you want to become a scientist like Jake’s dad?

Examples of take-away messages:

The JNP Project’s™–Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome™— is a chapter book series that utilizes textual and visual metaphors to grab adults’ (parents, teachers, caregivers and counselors) attention.  WHITE-perl-happy1

The JNP Project™ lifts children’s spirits, making them feel valued.

The materials in The JNP Project™ appeal to children while helping parents, teachers, caregivers and counselors shore up children’s sense of self-worth.

Children are introduced to and reminded that the idea that inner character creates outer beauty.

Key messages of confidence and self-worth (healthy self-esteem) inspire the designs for the online accessories, toys, and products that enhance the spirit of fun and imagination.

Creativity, dreaming, and confidence are cornerstones of healthy self-esteem.