JNP is a multimedia platform empowering children to effectively deal with their every-day-challenges of life.



Brand Vision
Nurturing Character, Courage, and Confidence in boys and girls.

Brand Spirit 
Every boy and girls can discover the true colors of their own inner-inner-aweosme superpowers.™

Extended Vision Statement
By 2020, five million kids will pledge to use their “inner-awesome superpowers” in character, courage, and confidence to make positive choices that benefit themselves and the world by declaring, I AM. I CAN. I WILL. Empowered.

Mission Statement
JNP (The World of Jane NOT Plain® and The JNP Project™) is a positive multimedia empowerment platform that promotes the growth of character, courage, and confidence–a healthy self-esteem–in all boys and girls, by helping them discover and make choices from their inner-awesome superpowers™!

Mission Action
The availability of fun and interactive edutainment media to all children––such as: interactive adventure chapter-book series; parent activity guides and educational resources; interactive game(s) apps; animated streaming episodes supported by accompanying toys, dolls and accessories––make JNP™ positively empowering for you!

Mission Philosophy

Company Overview: 

We believe the JNP project fills a very important societal need — empowering children to overcome the every-day challenges they face, challenges that can hold them back from achieving their full potential. The children are drawn to the adventures of their peers — Jane and Jake — and to the magical undersea world of Awesome to which Oracle, the talking goldfish, whisks them away. They love participating along with Jane and Jake in playing games and winning prizes. But, the most important prize is learning life skills and values that they bring back with them to the real world. No similar broad, multi-faceted program aimed at building self-confidence and self-awareness exists in the marketplace today. The hugely positive reception of the children (as well as their parents and educators) to the books, toys and associated activities has validated the concept of the program and has encouraged us to make the most of this unique opportunity.

Dona Rudderow Sturn (business woman and mother) is the founder, creative director, and CEO of  The World of Jane NOT Plain,® (JNP) an Annapolis, MD, based company. Staffed by seasoned, international professionals, and guided by an accredited business team, Board of Directors and educational Advisory Committee. JNP combines original artwork and design with proven teaching methods and outstanding storytelling in a fantastic interactive series Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Aweomse.

Books, Toys, Plush, Games, Animation and Apps:
All JNP components are supported by an interactive website featuring: JNP’s fun, interactive chapter-book adventure series Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome, supporting age-appropriate parent activities and educational materials (for parents, grandparents, educators, homeschoolers and counselors); our interactive website resources; and the JNP KIDS’ CIA (Club Inner Awesome™, which offers monthly subscription downloads, and opportunities to talk to Jane & Jake directly, doing fun activities, and more), plus Jane & Jake Gear.
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We give parents, teachers, caregivers, and counselors the tools to nurture children’s character, courage, and confidence (healthy self-esteem superpowers).


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The JNP Project is an advocate, empowering agent, and a helper.*

  1. We advocate healthy self-esteem awareness and development in kids (unlike the inflated “high self-esteem” attributed to bullies).
  2. We empower kids to recognize and use their “inner awesome”: to know, trust, and choose to act from their character, courage, and confidence (key ingredients of healthy self-esteem).
  3. We help adults who care deeply about kids—especially parents, educators, and helping professionals—to nurture and strengthen kids’ inner-awesome character, courage, and confidence through the core values of truth, kindness, harmony, forgiveness, giving, love, determination, compassion, and strength.

*  “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’ ”—Fred Rogers