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Girls Breaking Boundaries has benefited greatly from The JNP Project. Just one year ago, the girls of Girls Breaking Boundaries were shy, soft-spoken girls. Those girls are now speaking up and speaking out, and, undoubtedly, Dona and The JNP Project has been pivotal in this growth. The girls look forward to Dona’s visits, as she is a positive force in shaping who they are becoming. She shares the themes of truth and kindness though The JNP books, guiding the girls to develop a strong sense of self. And with new Girls Breaking Boundaries members this year, I am excited to see their growth with Dona’s support and proud that current members will mentor the new ones.
Megan Zimmerman, M.A., Grade 7 Language Arts Teacher, Bates Middle School

“I absolutely love the work you and your team have committed to–the dedication doesn’t go unnoticed. Any true social worker can get behind promoting strength based childhood development; there’s always a demand! Your enthusiasm is contagious which I am grateful for! “
Allison Brown, Social Worker

In the past year, Dona has made a huge effort to know the “inner-awesome” of each of the girls of Girls Breaking Boundaries. Dona visited the girls a few weeks ago, and I saw first-hand the impact of her mission. When one particular girl entered the room, she immediately gave Dona a hug. While this might not seem remarkable, it is important to understand that this girl used to struggle to open up to others. She was hesitant to share her opinion or be motivated to show her “inner-awesome.” But Dona’s message and genuine care and concern for the girls resonated with this girl, and I was moved to see her express her gratitude in seeing Dona.
Megan Zimmerman, M.A., Grade 7 Language Arts Teacher, Bates Middle School

“I have never met anyone as passionate about such a wonderful endeavor as Dona is toward her JNP Project. I had the opportunity recently to visit the JNP Inner Awesome Factory in beautiful downtown Annapolis. I was blown away by all her enthusiasm and creativity of the products. I highly recommend a visit!”
Dr. Thomas Bonfiglio, Annapolitan

“I love, love, love what you are doing with The JNP Project!!!! You are awesome Lady!”
Julie Shiver, Fabulous Boat Excursion

“I want to tell you that I am using your I AM. I CAN. I WILL. brochure as my book mark in my calendar!  I find that even at 65 I need to be reminded that I AM. I CAN. I WILL!”
Susan, local Annapolitan

It was my pleasure to be able to talk and learn from you via the Blog Talk Radio interview. You are a powerful, passionate person who inspires others and makes the world a better place. We’d love to have you back for a return visit! I need to get a hold of your boomerang’s for my kids and post on the boomerang challenge.
Traci McDonald, Blog Talk Radio Co-Host

“The JNP Advisory Committee meeting was great last night. I still can’t believe how big and well orchestrated the whole JNP Project is. You amaze me!”
Gerace Porter, MA, LCPC

“Love your structure. You consistently use effective strategies to engage your stakeholders with maximum engagement. This is one of the courses I tech this summer and you could be a perfect model. Thank you.”
Dr. Vera D. Torrence, PhD, New Leaders, NYC

“JNP brings together under one roof two invaluable strategies for helping children achieve their full potential. The JNP Project raises children’s awareness of their potential, their Gifts of Character that all human beings have inside them. Becoming aware of these innate strengths is important for developing a healthy and empowered sense of self. Children who recognize and can tap into these inner resources are more able to cope effectively with all the challenges that come their way in the course of one’s life. By presenting this valuable information in an engaging book form for children, The JNP Project also promotes literacy skills. Studies have shown that giving children a love of reading significantly enhances their ability to achieve academically.  Not only that, but reading with your child provides a fabulous bonding opportunity, strengthening the parent-child relationship while building the child’s EQ (shorthand for emotional intelligence, similar to IQ). Where literacy is a strong predictor for academic success, high EQ is a strong predictor of life satisfaction. So, when you look at all these factors together, you could say that The JNP Project provides parents with powerful tools for raising confident, resilient, capable children destined to do well and lead happy lives.”
Biteena Frazier, Parenting Specialist, Annapolis, MD

“You’re a rare character, Dona Rudderow Sturn 🙂 This project will be successful because you have decided it will be.”
Jim Westcott, JNP Creative Writing Team (CWT+)

I commend you on your work with The JNP Project – what a powerful endeavor!
Marty Blair, CEO Media Industry

“I would also like to THANK YOU for being such a caring, fair, open, honest and absolutely delightful leader Dona. I have worked with some real “doozies” and you are such a breath of fresh air. You make JNP so much fun, and the trust and respect you give to each of us is greatly appreciated.”
Julie Sazj, Educator & Instructional Specialist, St. Louis, MO

It’s amazing how much has been achieved in one year. You’re a force to be reckoned with and have clearly got a motivated team. Congratulations to YOU.”
Ken Spillman, JNP Creative Writing Team (CWT+) Australia

I’m sure the rest of the CWT+ team will join with me in saying what an inspiration you are Dona, and without your drive, passion and compassion, skills and energy none of this [JNP] would have happened. Congratulations!
Judy Bartkowiak, JNP Creative Writing Team (CWT+) United Kingdom

I do feel very fortunate to work with the CWT+ and have taken much from it. Dona, I’ve loved your enthusiasm, outlook, and quirkiness from minute one. But, after a year now, I think I may appreciate even more that, for a creative-type, you are business woman to be reckoned with 🙂 You’ve done nothing but consistently shown your skills this past year. We all know where this thing is heading because you prove it by keeping the project steady and moving forward!
Jim Westcott, JNP Creative Writing Team (CWT+)

“Dona, thanks for sharing your JNP Project’s journey with us. You have shown tremendous leadership, vision, and creativity throughout the creation of these valuable character books for children. What a worthwhile project!”
Lisa Vernon, Director, Anne Arundel County Literacy Council, MD

“Impressive Endeavor.”
Dr. Vera D. Torrence, PhD, New Leaders, NYC

“How could you not like this and love it too? At last, a movement with a most meaningful mission and positive experience….for our kids. Not a video game or grand theft nonsense and no zoning out. Pure attention to what makes our kids very strong, proud and happy. Awesome. This could be sumthin!”
Tom McManimon, Father and Brand Expert, Princeton, NJ

“The JNP Project will provide excellent tools to promote the development of healthy and positive emotional selves in young children.”
Susan R. Mitchell, Jr. Kindergarten Teacher, Orange CA

“Instead of memorizing facts and figures, children are allowed to interact with literature in a meaningful way that helps them discover who they are and learn how to appreciate the many colors that are found within each of us.”
Julie Sazj, Educator & Instructional Specialist, St. Louis, MO

“This is a really incredible process that truly awakened many new thoughts and methods to how I react and handle situations today.”
Gary Shpritz, Construction Executive, Baltimore, MD

“INSANELY  AWESOME!” (first impression when he viewed the full book draft of the first story)
Jim Westcott, JNP Creative Writing Team (CWT+)

“GOOSEPIMPLY FOR SURE!” (first impression when she viewed the full book draft of the first story)
Kathy Szaj, JNP Creative Writing Team Lead Writer (CWT+)

“I’M ALL GOOSEPIMPLY–IT’S A BOOK NOW!” (first impression when she viewed the full book draft of the first story)
Judy Bartkowiak, JNP Creative Writing Team (CWT+)