#12: Binder-It-Up!

The KEY to organization is outstanding management—BINDER-It-UP! for each subject.

BinderYes. Binders are key. Every project I work on, binder organization grows on me.

I have found that projects both large and small gain great rewards by being organized properly. Even though we use Google Drive and Diigo for on-line, real-time group/team organization, having a hard copy file at your fingertips is nothing to shake a stick at.

As the projects I work on become more complex, I have found that ‘key’ binders serve a purpose to streamlining organization. This establishes a professional working office environment, and sets forth the expected level of organization at a base stage. I keep all binders, labels and tabs typical throughout each project. Designing your binder covers to relate to your brand establishes visual communications internally­ –– In this case JNP.

Every piece and part of your business, from binder organization on up, is key to getting into the groove of organization. Here is how I set up my binder set for this project –– some categories have several binders that break out sections or sub sections; some are annual binders and others are ‘development’ –– ever growing with information:

Binders copy— Annual/monthly:
• Finance: Banking–statements; invoices–outgoing; budget; expenses/receipts
•  Merchant account/sales
— Development:
•  Book/Stories Development & Illustrations pr/Story
•  Brand/Communications Standards & Graphic Style-sheets
•  Budget Forecasting
•  Business Plan
•  Control Book
•  JNP Advisory Committee Meetings
•  Legal Intellectual Property
•  Marketing/Advertising Plans
•  Merchandising
•  Music Branding/ Song Development
•  Vendor Time Document
•  Process & Procedures
•  Resource Kits Development
•  Social Media Plan
•  Website
•  Website Downloads

~  ~  ~ 

Note: This Blog is a chronological diary of a start-up-company—The JNP Project’s Journey—reading it from the start, will broaden your understanding of the path we are on, together, and hopefully, positively influence you in some way!

FYI Tip: Organize. Purchase the ‘better’ binders with good hardware and rubber folds and corners (they are a bit more expensive, but in the long run, are easy to use, are durable and last). I also love to use the color-coded tab sections (sections of 10 and 15 work well).


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