JNP Hosts Au Pair in America in September: Educating the Au Pairs About their Inner Awesome!


Young women from Thailand, Mexico, Denmark and Germany were introduced to their INNER AWESOME!


The first question I asked was, “I AM  _______  (fill in the blank)?”

IMG_1913The young ladies were not sure how to answer. We discussed what JNP calls Inner Awesome, our own “ME” and what we are; how we see ourselves. Do others see us that way too? The young women began to understand the question, and then could answer about who they thought “I AM” was.

Today’s meeting was all bout I AM. I CAN. I WILL. EMPOWERED. What do those words mean? And, how do you teach young children to answer the question, “I AM _____”?

Our lead product line of books, Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome, does just that!

JNP_StoryboardCHART-OVERVIEW-v10-TM-FINALThe adventure series of books (31 books in three series of ten, plus a prequel) consist of ten chapters each, with three alternative endings—Jane’s, Jake’s and Oracle’s (the magical fish). In each book readers are challenged to earn their Pearl of Power™ in one of ten core values: TRUTH, KINDNESS, HARMONY, FORGIVENESS, GIVING, LOVE, DETERMINATION, COMPASSION, STRENGTH, and CHARACTER. (larger version of chart at end of post)

SERIES ONE: Character Traits
The first series of adventures is about learning what each value is–each book focusing on just that one value. For example, TRUTH.

The second series of adventures teaches about the “I AM” part of each of us–  how you are being that core value. For example, I AM TRUTHFUL.

The third series of adventures is teaching kids that, yes, I CAN and, yes, I WILL. For example, I CAN be TRUTHFUL — I WILL be TRUTHFUL.

IMG_1918THIS is what JNP is about — giving caring adults the tools to help empower kids — “OH!,” the girls exclaimed. “We get it.”

It was thrilling discussing what JNP tools they would use at home with their Host-Families. How they could nurture a healthy self-esteem in the kids they are caring for. How all this would impact their own personal learning, and what they would take home with them from the education they are learning from JNP’s adventure stories.

IMG_1909A BIG thank you to Natash Wrobel, Senior Community Counselor, for believing in JNP’s mission, and continuing to support educating these young international women! We look forward to meeting monthly–the next two events will be on National Holidays so we have the kids off from school–they can’t wait to begin reading the next book in the series here in the JNP Inner Awesome Factory. Natash’s 11 year old son enjoys reading to the group.

Today, we celebrated Thaninee’s 24th birthday — along with polishing up her English language skills, she is learning to bake. She brought these magnificent cupcakes for the group! Yum!!

BooksFanThe JNP toolbox of empowerment products starts with our adventure book series, and has so much more to have fun, and learn with your kids.

The JNP Project™ (Jane NOT Plain™) is an adventure series of books (Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome™) nurturing inner-awesome character, courage, and confidence in kids 5-12+ years old. They’re having fun while strengthening their healthy self-esteem!

Each book’s core value theme is supported by: songs, music, parent activity kits, educator curriculum, website interactive download activities for kids, a kids’ CIA (Club Inner Awesome) website subscription (with monthly downloads and an opportunity for kids to correspond directly with Jane & Jake), and JNP gear — all to support our mission that kids will believe in, and ultimately live by: I AM. I CAN. I WILL. EMPOWERED.™




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