Boomerang: ACTS OF CHARACTER–“I am ME!”

Truth | Kindness | Harmony | Forgiveness | Giving | Love | Determination | Compassion | Strength | Character "I am ME!"


This is what our JNP COMMUNITY is doing to Boomerang CHARACTER — “I am ME!”

Get inspired. Do something good. Do it right. Make a positive difference.

Challenging JUST SHOW UP! (Annapolis networking group) took the Challenge  — Susan Wheatley, Founder, had the idea and began the Challenge within the Group’s members!! Can’t wait to see what happens!!
ANNAPOLIS, MD Dona Rudderow Sturn

A wonderful family visiting Annapolis saw an article on JNP and came to learn more — I challenged them to do good — 3 kids took the challenge!
ANNAPOLIS, MD Dona Rudderow Sturn

Today, I was in the Annapolis Visitor’s Center, and a family with 2 young sons from San Diego, CA overheard me talking about the Boomerang It! Challenge–they were so interested, I shared with the Mom this fun way to empower her children!
ANNAPOLIS, MD Dona Rudderow Sturn

Challenged Pamela Davis of WNAV 1430 to take the challenge to her son’s chess club– she did! THANKS!
ANNAPOLIS, MD Dona Rudderow Sturn

2015 is my year of gratitude and compliments. Sometimes we do not always tell each other how much we care. It is my goal to thank and compliment individuals for the beautiful souls they share with the world. It is the best feeling to see people smile!
OTTAWA, CANADA Mark Wilkinson

# (no boomerang with me at the time)
I inspired three different families to take the challenge at the Fredrick County Fair for homeschoolers! Thanks!!
ANNAPOLIS, MD Dona Rudderow Sturn

(no boomerang with me at the time)
The other day I helped an out of towner use our parking meters and directed her to local sites of interest.
ANNAPOLIS, MD Dona Rudderow Sturn

(no boomerang with me at the time)
I went downtown to visit the French sailing ship and stood in line (95 degree heat) holding my umbrella to give shade to an older woman who was in front of me for over an hour.
ANNAPOLIS, MD Dona Rudderow Sturn