Jane can’t understand why she has no friends (other than her talking goldfish, Oracle), and she feels invisible to the kids in her class. Jake can’t understand why no one seems to get his sense of humor; some kids call him “weird.” Oracle is determined to help Jane and her new, true friend Jake see how gifted and glowing they both are. Oracle leaps out of his fish bowl and whisks Jane and Jake on a fantastic undersea adventure to discover their “inner awesome.”

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Paperback: 92 Pages
Publisher: The World of Jane NOT Plain, LLC.  (November 16, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-940979-00-7 (Paperback)
ISBN: 978-1-940979-02-1 (EPUB)
ISBN: 978-1-940979-03-8 (MOBI)
ISBN: 978-1-940979-04-5 (PDF)

Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome chapter book series is available for: Apple iTunes, Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Nobles Nook.

Overview of the Jane &Jake’s Adventures to Awesome book series.

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  1. jnpwpadmin (verified owner)

    After reading the Prequel Story, I wanted to read more. After reading Books1: Truth, and Book 2: Kindness, I could just imagine parents reading to children (younger children as well as older children). They would definitely understand the vocabulary as well as the enjoyment and thrill of Jane & Jake’s adventures to Awesome—-well done; you [The JNP Team] are all saints for creating such a wonderful brand!
    Marianne Sachs, Child Psychotherapist, Annapolis, MD

  2. Dona Rudderow Sturn

    Your work is honorable and encouraging. You’re changing lives that aren’t even born yet, and that brings me peace on many levels. Giving the gift and/or permission to gain confidence is key to living authentically. Knowing others may not have the same difficult road I did gives me hope for our future generations. Thank you for that.
    Geri Fino, Parent, Annapolis, MD

  3. Dona Rudderow Sturn

    I will definitely be recommending these stories to parents as a valuable tool for deepening parent-child communication and giving children tools to think in positive ways about themselves. I recently shared the stories with a young boy with great results. As we were reading, he was able to reflect on the ideas conveyed in the stories and apply them to his own life.

    After ‘earning his Pearl of Truth’ for example, he told me something that he had done that he had previously not been willing to talk about. After he confided in me, I praised him for his Truthfulness and we did a high five. This shows that the book enabled this child to own a personal story that he had felt bad about, from a new position of strength. As the adult, it was great to be able to enjoy a good read together and allow the story itself to teach an important lesson about character. Kids, like adults, don’t like being told what to do but when they figure it out for themselves then they do the right thing of their own volition.

    The Kindness story had a similar impact. The fictional material opened the door to conversations about real people in the boy’s life in a way that was not threatening and created more understanding.

    By reading Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome stories, the child develops a relationship with the characters and they become powerful role-models in that child’s mind and life.These thought-provoking stories will give a new generation of children the inner resources they need to feel good about themselves and compassionate toward others. You could say that the JNP is transforming lives one story at a time. As someone whose life mission is to empower parents to bring out the best in their children, I can’t recommend these books highly enough!.
    >Biteena Frazier, Parenting Specialist, Annapolis, MD

  4. Dona Rudderow Sturn

    My children (twins) received a copy of Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome, The Journey Begins, prequel book as a holiday gift. My six year old daughter was delighted! She can read chapter books, but asked me to read this to her right away. She was excited to hold a copy of a book she’d seen on the computer screen! When I read the book to both of my children, we were able to talk about the different character strengths and it was just wonderful! My daughter was captivated by the colorful pearls and how each one represents a positive trait. She was also able to sympathize with Jane and her feelings in the story. She likes the book so much, that she keeps it by her bedside and asks me to read it to her each evening as her bedtime story. My son, a non-reader, was drawn in initially by the artwork and then listened attentively. The book, and Jane’s journey, appeals to a broad range of kids and abilities. THANKS!!
    Karen McLaughlin, Parent, Annapolis, MD

  5. Dona Rudderow Sturn

    I found it very helpful and inspiring. I found that the books were powerful role models for me. I learned about the under-water world of Awesome. I feel like the characters can relate to a lot of people. I highly recommend JNP!
    (This is an actual eight-year-old’s comments about the Prequel Book–he was NOT prompted–he read the printed version and asked his Aunt to send this in.)
    Fabian, Age 8, Annapolis, MD

  6. Dona Rudderow Sturn

    This book is the start to an amazing series! It is educational, empowering, and kids love it! Definitely recommend!
    Ana, Amazon Review

  7. Dona Rudderow Sturn

    This series is AMAZING! This first book is my son’s favorite (I have 2 girls and a boy)–the story shows how Jane does not have any human friends until Oracle (magical fish) shows her about her wonderful inner awesome and that there are kids just like her that also want to gain new friends. My son has connected as he is shy and afraid to talk to new kids (we have moved recently). This was a wonderful inspiration to him!! Thanks JNP for creating this incredible tool to empower my children!
    Michele K., Amazon Review

  8. Dona Rudderow Sturn

    This book is an AMAZING learning tool! Love how my kids can dig into this series together and learn so many value lessons, not to mention all the learning resources that go with them!
    Meredith, Amazon Review

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