Nine-year-old Jane is thrilled. At last she has a real friend at school, Jake. However, when she hears Jake lie—twice!—about her to a boy in their class, she is angry and hurt. Not even Jake’s gift of a prism makes her feel better or want to forgive him. That’s when Oracle, Jane’s talking goldfish and her best friend, whisks both Jane and Jake to the Undersea World of Awesome to become contestants in the To Tell the Awesome Truth game. Will they win the Blue Pearls of Awesome Truth? only if Jane and Jake work together — and discover that they are, after all, True-Blue Friends.

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Paperback: 126 Pages
Publisher: The World of Jane NOT Plain, LLC.  (December 31, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-940979-06-9 (Paperback)
ISBN: 978-1-940979-08-3 (EPUB)
ISBN: 978-1-940979-09-0 (MOBI)
ISBN: 978-1-940979-10-6 (PDF)

Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome chapter book series is available for: Apple iTunes, Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Nobles Nook.

Overview of the Jane &Jake’s Adventures to Awesome book series.

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  1. Dona Rudderow Sturn

    Love this series, and that’s the Awesome Truth! I loved this educational, yet delightful, approach to learning. The storyline is clever and easy to understand, and the illustrations are attention-getting and pleasant to look at.

  2. Dona Rudderow Sturn

    Great book to help children develop a healthy sense of who they are! Learning to build on the confidence we ALL have inside is so important, particularly at a young age. What a great book to help children develop a healthy sense of themselves.
    Beyond the Comfort Zone

  3. Dona Rudderow Sturn

    “Yes, I would recommend this book. It was good because I liked the Pearls of Power.”
    A mom sent in her child’s Book Report to share with JNP — her daughter picked J&J’s Prequel Story specifically to do her school report.
    1st Grade Student, Maryland Public School

  4. Dona Rudderow Sturn

    I love the positive messages in these stories. Self-Esteem is so important and unfortunately so many children have such low self-esteem. As someone who has worked in the fields of child abuse prevention and domestic violence awareness, I highly recommend this series of books. I read the introductory Prequel book: The Jane & Jake’s Adventure to Awesome: The Journey Begins and was very impressed with the story line, messages and illustrations. I recommend to parents, children, teachers and they would be great for counselors and therapists.
    Denise B., Mother and SoCal City Kids Blogger, Southern California

  5. Dona Rudderow Sturn

    I am a middle school teacher who also organizes a group to promote self-advocacy and confidence in young girls. I use these books to support the girls in learning about themselves and discussing their points of view and experiences. The girls positively respond to the stories, characters, and artwork, and they are so excited for the next book in the series. Thanks to The JNP Project for helping these girls discover their inner awesome and share it with the world.
    Megan Zimmerman, Bates Middle School, Annapolis, MD

  6. Dona Rudderow Sturn

    Full of beautiful, engaging illustrations and serves as an educational and empowering book for kids and young adults!
    Ana, Amazon Reviews

  7. Dona Rudderow Sturn

    This series is AMAZING! All three of my kids (1 boy/2 girls) love the story and the illustrations! My daughter actually realized that Jane is a BLANK CANVAS, and that we each shine from the inside out–JNP calls it our INNER AWESOME! she is now telling me TRUTHFULLY, that her inner aweome is growing!!! LOVE IT!!! Thanks JNP for creating this incredible tool to empower my children!
    Michele K., Amazon Reviews

  8. Dona Rudderow Sturn

    This is a value we work so hard to instill in our children & this book is a fabulous resource for helping us to make it happen in our home!
    Meredith, Amazon Review

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