JNP INFO GRAPHICS: Statistics, Overview, Impact! and Products

The World of Jane NOT Plain® (JNP) — Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome

OVERVIEW: JNP is an interactive program where two characters, nine-year-old Jane and Jake learn to deal with the day-to-day challenges of growing up with the help of their mentor, Oracle, a very wise talking goldfish, who regularly whisks them off to the magical, colorful and empowering undersea world of Awesome. There they meet a host of colorful and engaging creatures and play games and work together to overcome problems, which surprisingly lead them to insights into how to solve their current challenge. Jane and Jake return to the real world having enjoyed themselves, winning prizes, and learning skills to help cope with their current problems along the way. They return stronger and empowered. And, they can’t wait to go back!

Compelling statistics
in JNP targeted marketplaces:

It is clear how necessary the JNP asset is for our community of children globally:

JNP’s “Impact” is positively amazing — exampled here is 50% of the population (girls) noting some of their day-to-day struggles and positive outcome in developing a healthy sense of self:

JNP developing a full line of multimedia experiences — books series; toys; dolls; plush; apps > interactive games and animation edutainment series:

Downloadable pdf one-sheets:





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