#23: Keep Calm and Process On


KEEP-CALM-01Understanding that what lies ahead is a process, and creating the steps for process and procedure will ultimately keep you on task saving time, aggravation, and expenses—thinking you can put all in place ahead of focusing on the “end” IS ‘the process.”

I have come to understand that everything, and I mean everything relating to developing this business is a process; from the daily production outlines of assignments, to the organization of team members, to the development of the core brand with all its parts and pieces—it is ALL a process in the making. Getting from point A to point B—the process.

The one thing I did not figure on, is how many times I would need to go back, review and revise certain processes; this is the point I want to make clear—it is imperative to take the time to set in place the process for each of the steps you need to take to get you to the end (whichever defines your “end”). In the case of JNP, the end is the beginning [when we launch for live product distribution to our customer]. That is just phase one.

Phase two will then become a new beginning of the process. Servicing our customer—well, I don’t want to put the cart before the horse—obtaining the customer, and then servicing them the best we can. So the cycle will begin again. Phase three, process again, and so on…

I stay extremely organized, and I find that I am broadening my patience virtue as I become a more proficient businesswoman. Patience is key; understanding that each part of the business is a process, and that processes takes time; and, when a process is not exactly how you set it up, or is not unfolding the way you “thought” it may, a calm understanding to revise the process and get the actions steps back on track makes for a very savvy business person.

Stay Calm and Process On!

~ ~ ~

Note: This Blog is a chronological diary of a start-up-company—The JNP Project’s Journey—reading it from the start, will broaden your understanding of the path we are on, together, and hopefully, positively influence you in some way!

FYI Tip: Formatting PROCESS (and Procedures) will definitely make for smooth sailing during the course of a start up. Here is an article and forum I agree with and will give you greater insights on process development:
A well outlined book that defines business process organization:

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