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Looking for children’s books that will help you nurture your kids’ healthy self-esteem while they grow in character, courage, and confidence? Join Jane, Jake, and Oracle (Jane’s magical goldfish), as they travel to the Undersea World of Awesome to play challenging games; solve puzzles and problems; meet unforgettable Awesome sea creatures; and win their Pearls of Power™ in JNP’s illustrated 31 chapter-book series, Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome (for kids 5-12+).

Looking for fun tools to help you talk with your kids about their inner-awesome “superpowers” (truth, kindness, harmony, forgiveness, giving, love, determination, compassion, strength and character)? Take a look at JNP’s overflowing toolbox, full of songs/music, the JNP Kids’ CIA (Club Inner Awesome), Parent Kits, Educator Kits, Interactive Activities, and much more—all corresponding to Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome books.

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Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome

Below are just a few examples:
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Are your kids ready to become CIA (Club Inner Awesome) EMPOWERMENT AGENTS? They’ll have fun, learn and become inner-awesome empowered with (CIA Members-Only) NEW DOWNLOADS EACH MONTH!

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 Songs: Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome™

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Jane & Jake’s Awesome Adventure Activities

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Interactive Coloring Graphics

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Below are just a few examples:
   ORACLE in his fishbowl
   JANE’S Face — Color her outer awesome as you imagine her to look.  FREE
   JAKE’S Face — Color his outer awesome as you imagine him to look.  FREE
   My Circle of Power (your empowerment badge)  FREE
   Heart Values  FREE
   Face Template  FREE


Kids Activities: Fun, Educational, and Interactive 

JNP_Check-Icon-TransparentWritten and developed by our team of professional educators,* each Parent Activity Kits corresponds to a specific book in Jane & Jake’s Adventures to Awesome, the JNP illustrated chapter-book series that builds self-esteem (character, courgae, and confidence), especially in girls and boys ages 5 – 12.

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 Educator Unit Plan Curriculum

Our Unit Plan content has been designed  to align with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). We are excited to offer elementary school teachers/educators and homeschooling instructors our Educator Unit Guides for grades 1-2 and grades 3-4.

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 12.12.13 PM

JNP-CCSS-Seal-01Each comprehensive kit, created specifically to accompany a particular story in The JNP Project’s Jane and Jake’s Adventures in Awesome interactive digital book series, promotes the development of self-esteem by engaging students in learning activities that require communication, collaboration, and reflection. Grade-appropriate lessons are structured to guide critical thinking while providing the necessary steps and scaffolding tools to help all students achieve their learning goals.

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The Creative Writing Teams of The JNP Project [The World of Jane NOT Plain,™ USA]
* Children’s Literature Published Authors
JNP Storybook Series Creative Development
    Dona Rudderow Sturn
,* Founder& CEO [Creative Director] – East Coast, United States
   Kathy Szaj,* M.Ed., Lead Writer – East Coast, United States
   Judy Bartkowiak,* Writer – United Kingdom
   Jim Westcott,* Writer – East Coast, United States
JNP Storybook Series Technical Development
   Ken Spillman
,* Editor– Australia
    Janice F. Booth, M.A., Adjunct Professor/English, Grammar Editor – East Coast, United States

JNP Lesson Resource Kits Creative Development
    Dona Rudderow Sturn, Founder& CEO [Creative Director] – East Coast, United States
    Julie Szaj, Education Kit Lead Writer, Grades 1-2 – Central, United States
   Krissy Venosdale, Education Kit Writer, Grades 3-4 – Southern, United States
   Judy Bartkowiak, Parent Kit Writer, Kids Ages 5-12 – United Kingdom
   Kathy Szaj, M.Ed., Resource Kits Contributor – East Coast, United States
JNP Lesson Resource Kits Technical Development
    Janice F. Booth, M.A., Adjunct Professor/English, Grammar Editor – East Coast, United States
    Susan Mitchell, Editing Contributor Assistant – West Coast, United States

The World of Jane NOT Plain,™ USA 
Professionals in their field: Psychotherapists; Life Coaches; Educators/ Professors; Education Developers; Parenting Specialists; Balanced Life Skills Director; Literacy Director; School Teachers; eBook Developers; Television Programing Director; Film Maker/Director; Music Composer; Parents; Young Adults; and Book Authors